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28 April 2020Cathedrals: Safe Places to do Risky Things
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24 November 2020A Working Tudor Woman's Wardrobe
26 January 2021The Use and Role of Colour in English Garden Design
23 February 2021English Women in the French Revolution

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Cathedrals: Safe Places to do Risky Things Janet Gough Tuesday 28 April 2020


Former Director of the Church of England’s Cathedral and church buildings division, Janet Gough gives a beautifully illustrated tour of its magnificent 42 cathedrals, jewels in the crown of England’s built heritage and some recognised as World Heritage Sites. The audience will be treated to an overview of cathedral history and architectural evolution, alongside surprising stories and extraordinary treasures. The changing role of cathedrals in in society both in the past and present day is also discussed. This talk relates to Janet’s book: Directors Choice: Cathedrals of the Church of England, which will be available for sale.